The Origin – Spiritual Connection Beyond Earth


In the realm of ancient wisdom and spiritual connection, Native American traditions hold generational secrets. “Native American Spiritual Secrets” is an interesting read by the spiritually enlightened author Bearcloud. The author invites us on a mystical experience beyond the mortal plain. He takes us to a place where the Spirit connects with the cosmos. Let us venture deeper into the profound ideas and concepts of Native Americans. Further deciphering the essence of their spiritual connection beyond Earth.

The Sacred Teachings of Nature

Within the heart of Native American spirituality lies the concept that “Everything is Interconnected.” They perceive the world as a living, breathing entity. In their perception, every element, from the stones to the trees, is a part of a much larger being. Even though everything holds its individuality, yet is not independent of the wholesome design of the Universe. These teachings, held dear by the Native people, represent their in-depth understanding regarding the flow of life from one being to another.

The Power of Symbols

Symbols are more than mere representations, conduits to the spirit realm. Native American cultures have long recognized the energy and Spirit carried by symbols. They adorn their dances, clothes, sacred objects, and art with these symbols of spirituality. Thus serving as a communication method to the realm of Spirits. The author, an artist himself, crafts paintings that resonate with the current Spirit. He offers his viewers a glimpse into the mystical world of symbolism.

Pyramids: The Universal Connection

The majority associate pyramids with ancient Egypt. Only a few know that these majestic structures were integral to Native American culture for thousands of years. The pyramids, albeit in a different form, were the center of focus for Native American ceremonies. The author illuminates the magic that arises when the physical and the spiritual converge at these focal points. Ponder on the book to learn how the ancient people communicated with the spirits on the other side.

 The Spiritual Walk of Native Americans

The spiritual path of Native Americans, or Red Road, unveils a deeper connection to Earth, Spirit, and Universal elements. A person walking this path, or Roadman, experiences synchronicity and serendipity on a higher level. Through the author’s narrative, we gain insight into the Red Road and its significance in achieving harmony with the Universe.

Tuning into the Voice of the Cosmos

Humans possess the ability to hear the voices of the Universe when they are attuned to nature. They can perceive every entity, from clouds to animals, as living beings with their own individuality. This perspective lets us indulge in the teachings of the Spirit. Studying further into the mystical narrative, the readers learn to tune their ears, eyes, and hearts to these profound lessons.


“Native American Spiritual Secrets” by Bearcloud is more than a book. It’s a portal to a world known to few, where Earth and Spirit intertwine. Here, symbols carry more than just messages; they carry the flow of life itself. Through the pages of this mesmerizing narrative, readers are welcome to learn the mysteries of Native American spirituality. See the world through different eyes and observe the world beyond mortality. Learn about the harmonious connection between us and the cosmos through the perspective of Native Americans.

The Ways of the Native Americans Hold Keys to Venturing Beyond Earth – The book “Native American Spiritual Secrets” by Bearclould is One Way to Understanding Such Secrets. Buy now.

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