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He is a visionary artist and spiritual guide renowned for his connection with nature. His literary inspiration comes from ancient Native American wisdom. Bearcloud writes to share a lifelong passion for the Universal flow of energy. To that end, he invites his readers to join in on his sacred learning experience with his new Book.


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For five or six thousand years, the people lived in mounds sites. Most were constructed based on the circle and the square to show the harmony and balance between the forces of Earth, Sky, Spirit, and the Universe.

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Bearcloud’s book serves as a gateway to the world of Native American spirituality. While helping us to rediscover the power of symbols, it also teaches us the harmony of trilogies and the magic time anomalies. With an emphasis on Universal energies and spiritual strength, this book takes us away from the false temptations of mere worldly powers.

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Are you drawn to the mystical and the spiritual? For those who seek to reconnect their spirit with the Universe’s natural flow, this book is your guide. Every seekers of wisdom and the curious souls eager to unearth forgotten truths will find solace in the literature of Bearcloud.

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Whether you are a spiritual believer or not, everyone should read “Native American Spiritual Secrets” The book showcases the spiritual flow of energies and describes how we are an essential part of it. Explore Egyptian symbolism to the significance of pyramids among the Native Americans. This correlation between Bearcloud’s spiritual arts and literary prowess is your key to a profound transformation. Immerse yourself into its pages and let your spirit soar.

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Introduction In the realm of ancient wisdom and spiritual connection, Native American traditions hold generational secrets. “Native American Spiritual Secrets” is an

Introduction In the heart of the book “Native American Spiritual Secrets” by Bearcloud lies the secrets to the stars. Secrets that reveal

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Let’s build a community of ponderers and researchers of the mystic wisdom of ancient times. Together, we can rediscover what the modern hustle and bustle has taken from us. So, come along and reconnect with spiritualities.

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