About The Author

About the Author


Bearcloud is a spiritual author and guide with a deep-rooted passion for Native American wisdom. His education of the ancient practices fuels his quest to learn the inner workings of the Universe itself. Mr. Bearcloud stands with expertise to decipher the forgotten symbolism, and thus, he stands at the pinnacle of spiritual understanding. Here is a succinct glimpse into BearCloud’s extraordinary journey.

The author is devoted to unearthing the Native American spiritual secrets, hence the name of his book. His unshakable connection to the Earth guides him. Through writing, he seamlessly reconnects ancestral wisdom withtoday’s modern insights. For that reason, his narrative resonates with the ponderers of the past and the dreamers of the future.

In literature, he illuminates the path to a new spiritual way of thinking. While prompting readers to realize their spiritual value, he plants the idea of how the Universe is intertwined together. For those eager to explore mysticism and uncover hidden truths, Bearcloud and his literature are like a lighthouse for travelers lost at sea. So, reach the shore of mystery through his name and start your spiritual journey through his book!

Bearcloud, born a seer, spiritual artist, and holy man has spent a lifetime expressing his visions. He began painting these at the age of five and now owns a gallery that displays his work in Sedona, Arizona. Having grown up with the language of the Earth and the voice of Native elders, stories unfold in his paintings and writings. Bearcloud is deeply connected to the animal nations, raised a wolf and taught hawks to hunt and fly. Feeling the Earth is his cathedral, he listens to the waters and winds for the stories important to his journey.

For over 30 years he did weekly sweat lodge, Inipi, ceremonies and is a Sundancer which expanded his visions further into the mystical realms of Spirit. He is considered a pipe carrying Wacasa Waken, one who knows. He traveled the Earth exploring the connections of Spirit found in other nations who have common treads, for example, Peru, Yucatan, Egypt, Australia, England and Norway. He was the key person to unlock the hidden spiritual symbols within crop circles connecting ancient wisdom to the stars.


When asked about his first memories he shares it was the sound of the drum that sang to his heart. Perhaps it was to hear the story of creation often told by his people at birth. With his paint pallet, brush, poetry, writings and Native spiritual wisdom, Bearcloud intertwines the intricate connection between the Earth, Spirit and the Universe.

His bloodline of the Ni-U-kon-ska nation, Children of the Middle Waters, has given him insight into this unseen sacred world, allowing him to weave a spiritual web of the delicate patterns existing in the harmonies and balance found through all things. He believes this is his mission on Earth and has dedicated himself to magically revealing spiritual truths.

Bearcloud was raised surrounded by a symbolic language that pours into his art and writings and was also the door for making significant discoveries about the pyramids in Egypt which he explains in his new book, Native American Spiritual Secrets. This unspoken language of symbols sings of Spirit touching the hearts of all the people who read and see his work.

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